Get started on your financial education.

Whether you're in high school planning for what comes next, a college student balancing tuition and a paycheck, or a young professional just starting your career, this course will go through the basics of personal finance to help you get your best start in the real world.

  • Learn how to start saving money, the types of accounts you can put it in, and why interest isn't always a bad thing.

  • Let your employee benefits work for you by understanding what may be offered by your current or future employer and how it can help you reach your financial goals.

  • Start your investment journey by learning about the types of investment accounts, the types of assets you can hold in your portfolio, and how investing can help you grow your wealth.

  • Be ready for the big ticket items with the important inrformation you'll need before you get your first car, move into your first apartment, or apply for a mortgage on your dream home.



Andrew Harrell, CFP ®

Andrew Harrell is an advisor at BFG Financial Advisors. He works alongside our advisory team to update and develop financial plans for clients. Upon joining the firm, Andrew quickly saw the impact that financial advisors can have on their clients, solidifying his passion for the industry.

Jacki Dunn, CFP®

Manny Essien

Manny Essien is an associate at BFG Financial Advisors. He pursued a career in finance after realizing a lack of financial literacy among those he grew up with. He now hopes to use his position to educate himself further as well as help the firm in its efforts to spread financial literacy to the masses.

Course curriculum

Make your way through eight courses taught by BFG advisors who were in your shoes not too long ago. Each course features an educational, narrated slideshow and a 10-question quiz to make sure you understand the important points.

  • 1

    Taking Interest

    • Taking Interest

    • Taking Interest Quiz

  • 2

    Save It

    • Save It

    • Save It Quiz

  • 3

    Credit Check

    • Credit Check

    • Credit Check

  • 4

    Cost of College

    • Cost of College

    • Cost of College Quiz

  • 5

    Employee Benefits

    • Employee Benefits

    • Employee Benefits Quiz

  • 6

    I'm Invested

    • I'm Invested

    • I'm Invested Quiz

  • 7

    Tax Season

    • Tax Season - Final

    • Tax Season Quiz

  • 8

    The Big Ticket

    • The Big Ticket

    • The Big Ticket Quiz